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Something a bit different this week, Im sure that many of you have seen this over the past week.  I found it both sobering and inspiring – a real thought provoker on the fact you’ve got one life, make it count and do what makes you happy.  I’m not saying if you’re miserable – hand you notice in or if somethings making you miserable then drop it and move on.  Quite the contrary, chat through any issues with those closest to you, your partner, colleagues, manager and then make changes to do what makes you happy!!


Along the same lines, focussed on taking responsibility for your own career and as always a straight shooting assessment of career responsibilities by Greg Savage…  I particularly agree with:

“If you work for a great company, they will create an environment in which you can thrive. Opportunities will arise, and the company may even actively facilitate those opportunities. But!”

The very best career advice I could ever give you.


In a candidate short market?  I particularly liked this article from the undercover recruiter on attracting passive talent.

Passive Talent: Why Your Next Hire is Already Employed


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