FMCG Recruitment – Manchester

I’m working with a client in central Manchester, who’s built their recruitment business focussing on the FMCG industry.  They’re looking for recruitment consultants on a variety of desks.

– Contract – Engineering x 2 (focussing on different geographies)

– Permanent – Operations and Engineering – Currently yielding £60k, without a consultant focussing on the patch

– Permanent – Tech / New Product Development – Quality, Product Managers,

They’ll take consultants with or without recruitment experience.

The Business

They’re a 0f 13 and have been in business for over 6 years, building a fantastic reputation among FMCG candidates and clients for quality of service and delivery.  Meeting the business owner you can really see the passion he has for recruitment, the FMCG sector and using that to make money, he recalled stories of seeing / using products he likes and using that as a lead into candidates and clients.  Aside from being proud of a profitable business, you can see the pride in knowing that the candidates they work with are responsible for putting some of the U.K’s most popular products on our shelves.

Their office is in the centre of Manchester, close to King st.  They’ve a relaxed atmosphere, smart casual dress code, in a busy office.  Busy with people focussed on what they need to do, Recruitment is recruitment – everyday will bring it’s own challenges, but you can see that that the team enjoy their work.  They’re a supportive team, you’ll get time to bed into the business and there will be plenty of support available to help you learn and develop, no matter what stage of your career you’re at from internal training, but also external trainers that the business use.

The business and the team look for people who are:

– goal orientated – you’ll need to be as no one will be standing over you asking about your KPI’s

– not all about the money  – you’ll want to make good money, but you’ll also still get that buzz from helping someone

– interested in self-development – if you read books, take courses or take part in experiences that put yourself out of your comfort zone or help you develop in some way then you’ll fit in well in this team.


Commercials & benefits

Salary wise – if you’re a graduate / trainee then you’ll be looking at an £18k base.  If you’re experienced, then as you’ll know, salary is commensurate with your billings, what you can bring to the business and the expectations you’ll be setting when you start.  Basically, it’s a bit of an open book.

Commission structure

0-10k – 10%

10-20k – 15%

20-30k – 20%

30k+ – 25%

As Senior Consultant and beyond your earnings will be guaranteed to a percentage of your billings.  As we all know, particularly in perm recruitment, billings can sometimes be a bit up and down, meaning your commission can also be a bit up and down dependant upon which threshold you hit.  This company will guarantee a minimum of 30% of your billings for the year.  Get to year end and find that you’ve come under that level and they’ll pay you the difference.


What you’ll need

This business is keen on finding out a consultants motivation – discuss your motivation and your goals for recruitment with passion and clarity and they’ll buy into the fact you can motivate yourself and not need to be chivvied along.  You’ll need to show that you’ve a solid recruitment process or if you’re a trainee, have done research into recruitment so you know what that might entail.  You’ll need to show resilience, speed and that you are able to reflect on your own ability and performance to improve.


This is a great business, with some great opportunities for trainees and experienced consultants a like to work within an exciting and consistent sector.  If you’re interested in the role or a confidential chat to discuss things further then I’d love for you to get in touch:

07972 873417