• Greater Manchester

About Us

The official definition is, “simplicity or elimination of clutter. Things are expressed in a plain, simple, natural manner.”

And that’s how we work. We provide clear, simple rec to rec solutions.

Our Background

Kanso, was born from our founder, Shayne Wilson’s, passion for developing recruiter talent. As Head of Talent in a leading Manchester recruitment business, Shayne helped shape company culture and drive business growth through the recruiters he brought into the business. Shayne shaped every part of talent management, from creating an enticing employer brand to sourcing people who fit the business’ culture, moulding an induction process to reduce time to profitability, to creating engagement and recognition strategies.

It was here Shayne learned the importance of matching a candidate’s personality, drive and aspirations with a recruitment business’ culture, goals, and vision.

Our Approach

In a candidate driven market place, where every recruiter is sold as the next big thing, Kanso provide an honest, transparent and simple rec to rec solution. But what does that mean?

To Businesses: We don’t ‘sell’ you candidates. We work with you to identify exactly the type of person you need and only introduce you to candidates that will add real value. We give you an honest view as to their suitability to your business.

We also provide consultancy to help you shape your employer brand and put in place the processes to recruit, retain and engage your team.

To Candidates: We help you work out what you want from your next role, whether that be financial reward or work life balance, autonomy or teamwork, mentoring or a drive for leadership.

We’ll work to find you the ideal home where you can achieve your aspirations. And, we’ll always give you our honest view as to whether market opportunities are the right fit for you.

We make the whole recruitment process simple, by pairing likeminded people and organisations. If you’re a good match and want to meet, we don’t make things more complicated by acting as a go between. We’re happy to introduce you to each other to allow nature to take its course.